Modifying Single/Multi Select Field Outputs in Page Designer

I may be missing it, but is it possible to modify font/size of single/multi select fields in the page designer block? I can modify everything else, but I can’t seem to make these bigger or smaller or change the type of font they use.

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Welcome to the community, @Ryan_Lavalley! :smiley: You’re not missing anything. The controls you see for single/multiple select fields are all we have for now. If you would like to see more options added, I suggest making a post to the Product Suggestions category.

Hi, is there a chance that this has changed? :slight_smile:

I seem to be able to modify font/size for some single/multi select fields but not others. As far as I can see, the fields are formatted identically, so I’m confused why my text modification options differ. I need to be able to modify all fields as I’m making inventory labels. Insights appreciated. Thanks!

Could you share a screenshot or two showing the problem?

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