Monospaced font on Tables (Grid view)

Hey guys, do you know a way to use a monospaced font on Tables (Grid Views)? It makes things clear since the whole text will align.

You can use an extension like Stylus for Chrome or Firefox to apply custom CSS rules to Airtable, such as this:

.gridView .dataRow [data-columntype] {
    font-family: Roboto Mono, Consolas, Andale Mono, Courier New, monospace;

Note that you can modify the selector to only apply the font to certain column types, e.g. instead of [data-column type], use [data-columntype="url"] to just target URLs.
You can also modify the selector to use [data-columnid] to target particular fields, but you’ll need to use DevTools (or a script) to find the field IDs.

Hi Andy, this sounds like a good alternative to put this working. Thank you.

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