Monthly report options

Hello, I’m trying to generate a monthly report can someone give me an idea on how to do it please other than Filtering the date.

Welcome to the community, @Manuel_Soberanis! :smiley: That’s a very open-ended question. There are dozens of ways that reports could be built, but it largely depends on your data and base design, none of which were mentioned in your request.

Could you be more specific about the type of report you want to create? Will people view this report directly in Airtable, or do you want to send it to them separately? The more details that you can provide, the easier it will be for us to assist.

I work for a nonprofit agency I get donations every day every month and I have to send a report to the accounting department every month with how much donation I received every month I have attached an example of what I’m trying to send to my accounting department I want to able to make a report every month automatically and if you take a look of name field have a time I need to get rid of that time the “formula” the I have there only said “date” i really appreciate your help with this issue.

@Manuel_Soberanis Check the field’s formatting settings (when editing field properties, you’ll see a “Formatting” tab near the top). You’ll need to turn off the time option there. That setting is independent of the formula design.

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