More data than a 2D matrix can handle

Hey guys!
Im having a hard time to make a education company database. What do I need?
For every class I have 12 lectures, each of those has:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Teachers
  • Material used
  • Students

My problem is that I just cant fit so many informations in airtable!

Has any one had this problem?

Hi @Plinio_Averbach - the title of your post hints at the answer :slight_smile:

The solution to this is to use the database (3D!) properties of Airtable to make this work. There are many different ways to do this, but my 5 minute take on a possible solution is this:

Break your base out into a number of different tables, each capturing a key “object” of the data you are holding. In my example, I’ve got tables for classes, lessons, teachers and students.

By linking the tables in the appropriate ways, you can record the lessons for each class, the teachers for each lesson and so on.

Have a look at the help article on linking records here:

Having made the correct links you can see, for example, which students are attending which lessons (even though students have been assigned to classes, not explicitly to lessons).

In my example, I’ve got materials used as a multi-select drop down, although, arguably, if there were a long list of materials that you also wanted to capture other data about, this could be its own table too.

Hope this helps


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After 10 days I could do that!
(Yes, it was hard because there was way more variables, but it worked out!)

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Jonathan, I think I have one more question…
How can I make an attendance list?
Because this should consider all the lessons that a student will have, their names and a checkbox!
I’ve changed your example, now I have for each class Lesson 1, lesson 2, etc. =)

Edit: new info