More Keyboard Shortcuts for Calendars and Dates


Many of the core keyboard shortcuts make Airtable a breeze to use, but there are some key areas where data entry gets stalled because you have to go back to the mouse or trackpad — this seems really pronounced in the Calendar views and when using date fields.

In a calendar view, for instance, something like the following would be great:

  • CMD/CNTL-LEFT/RIGHT: Move back or forward one day/week/month depending on the current layout.
  • Some combination to add a new record
  • Arrow keys navigate among the records in the calendar view. When the one you want is in focus, you can open it with the usual SPACEBAR shortcut.

For date fields:

  • OPT-ARROWS or FN-ARROWS currently navigates through the popup date picker, but you cannot actually SELECT a date from the keyboard. Some combination that moves the highlighted blue date and updates the field when you hit ENTER would be nice.