More types of attachment



i have seen a request for mp4 (or video) files to b attachable to a record in airtable. can we add to that request for attachments for other common file types (e.g. pdf / txt / ms office) too, please ?

tks: -nik-


Hi Nik, to be clear, you can already attach video files, PDFs, .txt, MS Office docs, and any other file type to file attachment fields in Airtable (see the “attachments” field type in this article: ).

You can then download the original file at any time from Airtable. For certain document types, including PDF, .docx, .doc, mp3, etc, you’ll be able to preview those files directly in Airtable without downloading. For other file types, including video for now, you won’t be able to preview them in Airtable, but you can still upload and download them freely. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the swift reply, Howie.

All good then.

Kind regards: -Nik-


Seems like you can’t download video (mov and mp4 in my tests) files on iPhone app. Android works fine. The best I can do on iPhone is open with safari but the file is not downloaded to a location I can locate. What am I doing wrong?

Is inline video coming soon?


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