Move record from one table to another


Is there way to use a checkbox or other formula to move a record from one table to another? (Add to Table B and delete from table A)


I believe this is possible using Zapier or Integromat.


What is the reason to do that? Could you use a Status field instead?

Check these:


While there are valid reasons to do such a move — for instance, converting prospects to clients and purging the base of unconverted prospects — @Elias_Gomez_Sainz is right, in that in general it’s a better design to use a status field rather than jumping records from table to table.

While records can be moved using a third-party integration service, it’s also possible to perform such a move entirely within Airtable. I provide an explanation of the technique in this reply to a post asking about prospect conversion and the base it references. The solution proposed takes advantage of two clever (well, I thought they were clever) tricks, first to trigger automatic creation of the duplicated record in the target table and second to bypass Airtable’s issue with data persistence. (It’s easy to populate the second record based on the first, thanks to Airtable’s lookup and rollup fields. Unfortunately, though, when the first record is deleted, the second one loses its data, as well — unless you follow a process such as the one I outline here.)

Again, you probably shouldn’t be doing this — but if you do need to do it, the linked reply and base will show you how.


While I agree with the above - I would probably recommend using a single table with views to show relevant records, I would like to point out that Zapier would not be able to do this fully because it doesn’t have an option to delete a record in Airtable. This could be done with Integromat though - but note that the process of building an Integromat / Airtable process times out every so often (they run reliably though) - hopefully Airtable and Integromat will sort this soon!!!


That’s what I did, @Julian_Kirkness. Creating specific views is much simpler and achieves my goal. I momentarily forgot the KISS principle.