Move Record to Different Base on Dropdown Choice

Hi there,

I am looking to setup an approval queue for our membership service, whereby applications are brought into the “Applicants” base, and when the dropdown selector for “Approval Status” is set to “Approved”, the record is added to our “Members” base, and deleted from Applicants base.

Is this doable? Any idea how I could achieve this?
Thanks so much!

This wouldn’t be immediate, but you could set up something in Integromat fairly easily. Set a trigger that looks for the change in that {Approval Status} field in the Applicants base, add a new record in the Members base matching the original data, then delete the original record. A three-step scenario.

I say this wouldn’t be immediate because the trigger mechanism in Integromat only checks for changes every 15 minutes on their free account. However, if you add a filter to the Airtable view where you make these changes so that it only shows records where the status is not “Approved,” approving a record would immediately hide it from view, so it likely wouldn’t matter if it gets moved right away or 15 minutes later.

If you want to make it immediate, you can build a webhook triggered by a link created in a formula field. If you want more details on that, let me know. I set that up for myself the other day, and it works like a charm. Click the link, and the scenario runs immediately, so you’d just click that in lieu of relying on the status change.

Thank you Justin! I have been hesitant to start using Integromat since I’m using Zapier for everything else I am doing, but if this is the only way to effectively accomplish what I need for this task, then I may just have to do that.

I use a little of both, though I lean pretty heavily on Integromat because I can make more complex integrations there on the free account, where I’m limited to two steps in Zapier. One of these days I’ll get to the point where I’m not restricted by the limitations of the free accounts, but that’s what I’ve got to work with for now.

I probably should’ve pointed out that Zapier could do the job just as easily, but it would require more than a two-step zap. If you have a paid account with Zapier, that won’t be a problem.

I’ve fully set this (and a few other) things up in Integromat because of the ease in watch for changes to particular fields, as opposed to whole records. I was finding that I had to use Multi-step Zaps with delays, checking for field updates, A/B paths, etc. in order to do the same. Really appreciate you turning me onto Integromat! I’ll use them both now for different tasks :slight_smile:

Hi @Adam_Kramer - you could also check out our product On2Air: Actions to overcome those limitations in Zapier

This looks pretty great @openside! Definitely worth exploring as an option over Integromat so I can keep everything contained in one connector/automation platform (Zapier). Would be an easier sell if the pricing was synonymous with Integromat, but still worth considering. Thank you for sharing!