Move the raw to the bottom (after using checkbox) - an alternative to Google Keep (to-do list)

Hi, I am using Google Keep for my to do list. But I want to migrate to Airtable, because for each to-do I want to have additional columns.
My question is - can I automatically move the item down on the list by using a checkbox on another column? I don’t want to sort it by the last checkbox column because this way somehow all the content gets rearranged. thanks!
see screenshot:
airtable|690x174 .

Hi @Andrzej_Karel,

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You can do something better, you can create a view where you filter out the done items.


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Welcome to the community, @Andrzej_Karel! :smiley: Another option is to group the records by that checkbox field. All unchecked items will stay in one group, all checked items in another.

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@Justin_Barrett this does the trick, thanks :slight_smile:

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