Moving Data Between Tables

Hi, I would like to automatically to be able to move date from one table to another.

My scenario is if I have a current client and enter an end date in the current clients table, to automatically move the record to the previous clients table (where I have additional summary data in addition to the fields I have in the current clients table.

Might this be possible if I can have some fields in both tables which are identical?

Thanks in advance for any help

I would suggest keeping all of your clients on one table, and using a formula field to denote whether they are a current or previous client.

You could use a formula like…

IF({End Date}, "Previous", "Current")

Then you can configure two different views that are filtered by that field, and hide the fields that you don’t need on either one.

If you really do need two tables, you could consider using Zapier. Set up a view that only shows records where {End Date} is filled in, and use a new record appearing in that view as your trigger to create a new record on the [Previous Clients] table. However, this won’t delete the record from the [Current Clients] table; which in my opinion is another reason to keep everything on the same table.

I hope that helps!


Thanks for that advice. I will look into how I can use different views to give me the different kind of information I need.

This sounds potentially very useful.

I am still a novice and just getting to grips with everything in Airtable.