Moving Item to different table


I’m using Airtable at a small car dealership, and wanted to know if there is a way to automatically move a record to a different table, while keeping it’s info intact.

For instance. I have a table of current inventory. If that inventory sells, I don’t need it on the Current Inv. tab. I know I can put a checkbox for SOLD and filter it out, but then it still comes up in lists when I’m linking to current inventory from another table. And that will eventually become an incredibly long list. Right now I have another table for Sold Inventory, and I have been copying and pasting the records there, but then it loses any info that was linked to it from Leads and Repairs. Is what I want possible, or can it be?



I tried to see if I could work out some way to filter out linked records based on the value of a checkbox in the linked record, but to no avail. And there is no automated way to move a record from one table to another, because Airtable can’t assume that the target Table has the same data structure as the Table the record is coming from.

I think, (to the best of my knowledge), this is not a problem you can currently solve in an automated fashion with Airtable’s native functionality. It is something you could do using Zapier integration, though.

It would be possible to build a Zap that watches for Inventory that gets marked as Sold, and then removes any links to other records you do not want on Sold vehicles. This would require a multi-step zap, however, which means a subscription level account with Zapier.

Move record from one table to another


Could you point to which Zaps would be required to do this? I’m managing a membership list with different tables for Current and Expired members, and would like to automatically move a record from Current to Expired (and possibly vice versa when a an expired member renews) when I change the Status field in the Current table (i.e., when a membership expires).

Thanks in advance!


@Heidi_Wai-Yee_Chan, that sounds like something that could be done without Zapier, depending on how you have your tables set up. I’ve got a pretty busy day today, it being Mother’s Day and all, but I’ll send you a PM tomorrow to see if we can get that working for you.


Hi @Jeremy_Oglesby wondering if you are able to share you solve for this? Thank you


If your issue is similar to @Heidi_Wai-Yee_Chan’s, where you need to mark certain records as having a different status than others (ie, “Active” vs “Expired”), then solution is not to move them to another table at all, but to use VIEWS to manage this. Use a simple checkbox to mark a record as “Expired”, and have them filtered out of the “Active Records” VIEW. And, if needed, build another VIEW that shows only “Expired” records. There are plenty of ways to work with only the records in certain views (ie, only “Active” or only “Expired”) that I do not see the need to start another table to transfer records into.

If each record represents a “Person”, and each person can have the status of either “Active” or “Expired”, then all “People” should be in the same table. They should not be split up into 2 tables based on status. They should be split into different VIEWS based on status, but all “Person” records should still belong to the “People” table.