Moving Kanban Cards on Touchscreen Devices - Take 2

This question was asked by another user in February but was closed without an answer.

It does not seem possible to move cards between stacks in the KanBan view on an iPhone or iPad at least.

Surely this is a basic requirement of the KanBan view? Is there a tip or trick? Or is it something that the broad user base do not need?

A reply would be appreciated even it is to confirm that the answer is “no”.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Airtable is primarily a desktop app because its full features are only available via a desktop web browser. Its mobile support is very limited.

However, you could manually change the status of a record to make it move to a different stack in the Kanban view. You can’t drag-and-drop it, but you can just manually change the value.

Thank you very much for the quick and clear reply

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