Moving multiple views into a new table or base


Hi all, thanks in advance for any tips!
I’ve created a couple of custom views in our main database, and wondering if it’s possible to move all of those views (there’s 5 of them), into a new tab, or base. They are currently spread out across 3 or 4 tabs in one base.
So, i’d like to ‘collect’ the 5 custom views i’ve made, and move them to a new tab called ‘to do’ (for example). Any tips?


Hi @alex_bray

I found documentation about tables and views from Airtable. I don’t know if it will help.

Here is the link:

Hope it helps.



Hey thanks for the tip Mary. I’m actually looking at taking 5 different customer views i’ve made, which are currently across several tables, and adding them to a new base, or even just a new tab on the same base. Don’t think it’s possible though :frowning:

Currently i’m needing to flick between the tabs on the base to check the multiple views i created (which are all live updating to-do’s for customer relationship stuff). Was hoping i could save those views and move them somewhere.


Hi Alex

If no one can help here, I would suggest contacting Airtable support. They can let you know if your idea will work or not.