Moving raw prospect data to a Contact list to a client list

I’m a freelance writer. Here’s my overall goal for Airtable:
Collect raw data by which to cold contact companies >
Make contact with said companies and move data to a Contact list >
Work contact list until a contact becomes a client >
Store dynamic information on all client activity such as first and subsequent project briefings and timelines; planned delivery dates; payments and all that jazz.

I want to be able to reference raw data from the prospecting list across all tables as they narrow down from uncontacted Prospect to Contacted to Client. I was hoping to set the actions so that all the raw information in a single Prospect record could be linked or maybe automatically transferred to the Contact list once the “Status” field is updated to “Contacted”. Then, once a single contact record is updated to “Client” by check box field, it would transfer to the Client list without dragging all the raw data with it, just keeping linked to it. Does this make sense? If this is possible, how should I go about it?

Thank you!

Hi Linda,

I would create a table to track your list of Contacts and their corresponding Pipeline Stage:

Then create multiple views that filter based on the Pipeline Stage:


This is an example of an Uncontacted Prospects view:

Keep track of your Notes in a different table that links to your Contacts table:

Same with Dates:

And Payments:

What do you think? Will that work?



Yes, Gwynn, I think you broke through my mental block. Thank you!

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