Moving records from one table to another with checkbox (including those with formulas, date picker, single-select options etc))

Does anyone know how to include a script that includes moving records with formulas and drop-down options to another record from this, I’m stuck and it keeps giving me this error message:
P: Can’t create records: invalid cell value for field ‘Answer Option Type’.
Could not find a choice with that ID or name
at main on line 6

This is the script:
let table1 = base.getTable(“Table1”);

let table2 = base.getTable(“Table2”);

let result = await table1.selectRecordsAsync();

for (let record of result.records) {

if (record.getCellValue("Move to Table2")) {

    await table2.createRecordsAsync([


            fields: {

                'Question Text': record.getCellValue("Question Text"), 

                'Sector': record.getCellValue("Sector"),

                'Logic - Parent Question' : record.getCellValue("Logic - Parent Question"),

                'Answer Option Type': record.getCellValue("Answer Option Type"), 





    await table1.deleteRecordAsync(;        



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