Moving Records in CRM feature

Hi all,

I have started using the CRM feature to log pipeline. I have created a duplicated sheet for archived projects, is there a way to move an entire record from one sheet to another?


Hi @Talia_Black - you could move records that are marked as archived (using a checkbox for example) to another table using the script block, but the “Airtable way” of dealing with this is to keep the record in its original table and use the views feature to hide this away.

For example, your table might contain 3 views - all records, current records, archived records. All records has no filter on it, archived records has a filter where the archived checkbox is ticked and current records has a filter where the archived checkbox is no checked. In this setup, current records would be your main working view, but the others are available to you if you need them.

Generally it is good practice to keep entities of the same type in the same table and use views and filters to show what you need to show.

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