Moving the total to the next line

Can you help me understand how I can easily calculate my task. I have the volume of the position, each position has its own value, I have a balance minus the value of the position, then I get the remainder (equal), I need to transfer this value to the original column and the next row for the correct calculation of the balance for the next position. How can I accomplish my task?

It sounds like you want to have a running total. You cannot do this by linking rows together—you will get a circular references error.

  • You can build a gap in the circular references and have an automation bridge the gap. (But you have to be very careful in how you trigger the automation.)

  • You can use scripting to calculate the running total. There is an example in the scripting documentation.

  • You can use a massively complicated system of roll ups and linked records, formula fields, and a control record in a control table.

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I solved this challenge by adding a checkbox field. When checked, an automation ("when record matches conditions) created a new record, while putting a number from the original record to the next.

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