Multi Account Login Support on Desktop + Mobile

Hello @Airtable !

I use Airtable heavily for my personal organization as well as for my business organization (in two different accounts).

I often have situations where I need to open an Airtable link (especially on mobile) and find myself with a ‘would like like to request access to this base’ message when I already have access to the base through a different email/password login.

This forces me to log out of Airtable, log back in with my other account and then go find the original record/base link again to access the right information.

Being able to log into multiple Airtable accounts simultaneously (as I can with my google accounts, for example) and then choose which account I would like to open the link with would

  1. Save time finding the information I need
  2. Increase my ability to collaborate with different groups using Airtable

As I think about the future of Airtable and it’s widening popularity I can’t help but think this should be addressed by the Airtable!

Lots of love to the Airtable team - you’re all doing great work!


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