Multi-datapoint query


I haven’t actually built/used a database since college so there is a fair chance that what I’m trying to accomplish is so simple I’ve just missed it or not even possible. I also work in recruiting for a large state funded institution with so much bureaucracy that trying to implement a holistic solution to this problem is impossible at this moment in time.

I have two sets of data: candidate sourced for a position and applicants to positions. We are trying to determine how many of our applicants come from our sourcing work (without relying on the applicant to self-select). Each position has a unique identifier assigned by our applicant tracking system. My goal is to compare the two datasets to check if an applicant to a particular position also exists in the sourcing dataset for the same position. So like, a query where 2 pieces of data match per field (posting number and last name).

Thank you if you even try to make sense out of that!


+1 For this, i am trying to accomplish the same without luck