Multi-Day Sub-Tasks in A Scheduling Framework

I’m trying out Airtable for some management/tracking applications for a non-profit theatre that I work with. I’m pretty sure that the Base in the Universe called “A Scheduling Framework” by @W_Vann_Hall will do what I need to do, but I’m struggling to figure out how to make multi-day subtasks work. (I’m sure I’m missing something obvious.)

What I want:
A process template for our social media marketing where it’s essentially by week instead of by day. So, essentially:

  • 7 weeks prior to an event (the “date” of the parent/master task), I need 1 sub-task “Social Media post 1 of 1” that is a multi-day event that spans the entire week.

  • This is repeated 6 and 5 weeks prior; then we have 2 sub-tasks for 4 and 3 weeks prior (Social Media Post 1 of 2 and Social Media Post 2 of 2), and so on.

I’ve got the offset for each of the sub-tasks set up to be 49 days, 42 days, 35, etc. I have the duration for each set to 7 days. I’d like for each to-do to have a week-long duration… but it’s not happening. I can see what happened on the “Conference” example, but that’s not happening in my sub-tasks. Is it because they are sub-tasks? Does the master task need to be set up differently?

I can send a link to the base if necessary, but it’s not letting me put a link in the post.

Thanks in advance for help for a total newbie!

Hi @Kate_Small

The reason you cannot post a link is because you need to read some threads first before being granted the full access to Airtable Community.

I do not get your question really. If you want, I can take a look at your table.

Best Regards,

Hmmm… I must have not been logged in when I read threads for an hour or two before even finding the framework in Universe. Sigh.

How do I send you a link? When I click on your profile, I expect a direct message option, but there isn’t one.

Hi @Kate_Small,

I believe this also has to do with the “Basic” badge :slight_smile:

You can email it to me on

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