Multi Language Support and Localization


It would be lovely to have a localization option for the menu language.
At least a language-settings file for menu conversion and making it open-source would work. Also community can create lot of language files without any development cost for airtable dev. team.(like wordpress).


I would like to support to translate to German.


Yes please. Spanish.

Everyone here speaks English but, from an Internal Marketing and training standpoint, software captions and labels should be in the local language.


I agree. I know people who can’t use Airtable (for co-workers) in Germany because it’s not localized.


+1 for the open-source language-settings file
the translation in French could increase the number of Airtable’s users, definitely :wink:
(and we could help for sure)



French is missing for my users.

Totally agree


I need Japanese. Language support is essential for my company users.


French please at least for forms terms


I would be very pleased to help you with Portuguese (Brazilian) translation.

And you could think of using site, for instance.



Would be nice to use amazing Airtable in Ukrainian.


I’d gladly help translate the menus to Farsi. Open sourcing user-created language packs for the UI would be earth-shattering. We haven’t yet jumped-in fully due to the language barrier. I’m sure this is the case for many organizations using Airtable.