Multi-line support for Link types in Gallery view


In the answer to one of your FAQs “Can I wrap text inside cells?” there is a note “Finally, our gallery view offers a card-based layout which supports multi-line text fields.”

When the field type is a link to another entry however, there is no multi-line support.

I am trying to use Airtable for my daily agenda and it would be great to see the ALL the links/values in the gallery view, especially when the title of the link is long, but the formatting only allows for one line.


This would be nice, but it could also cause problems if it were implemented without the option to limit how many lines to show - I have some records that I like to view in gallery format that have 20+ linked records in a section. All I really want to see at a glance is if there are > 0 linked records. If it showed all of my linked records without truncation, I’d have some very long cards in my gallery view.