Multieplies entries do not calculate accurate cost


I’ve created a simple base to calculate my stock (vapes) that i’ve ordered. However i am running into an issue.

I have created three tabs (Current Stock, Sales (orders) and Orders from my Supplier). My issue is when i register a sale because when i put the items in product column (multiple records) the price at the “price column” shows only as 1$. If i only put one product then that is fine because the product is linked and the price shows okay but once i put multiple products on a single sale the price always remains the same.

Hopefully i was clear enough and i can provide more context, info or pics if needed.

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Hey Gent, would love to help but don’t think I have enough details. Could I get a screenshots of the relevant tables and fields?

Yes of course.

I have entered data on the first row (with one product) which shows correct price and second row 2 products which messes it up.

Just for translation:
Emri Bleresit = Buyer’s name
Produkti = Product
Çmimi = Price
Sasia = Quantity

Hmm, what’s the formula you’re using for Totali?

Im using “Price * Quantity”. Basically multiplying the two.

Hm okay. Sorry, last question

What happens if I want to buy 2 3500 2% - Blueberry Rasberry and 1 3500 2% Bluberry Po?

That is the issue, i either have to manually put every single product on a single entry or if u put 2 types of products (or even the same one) on the same entry, the Total just shows 1$. Regardless of the quantity i write.

Hmm, okay, so we’re actually going to have to tackle two things

Thing 1:
To answer your immediate question, if you change Çmimi to a Rollup type field, and make it’s aggregation formula SUM(values), then Totali would look sort of right

Thing 2:
With the way the base is set up now though, we can’t handle a situation where a single person wants to buy 1 Blueberry Raspberry and 3 White Peach; they’re always going to have to buy equal amounts of different products. Is that intended?


Thank you for the response, already on it to change it.

I thought of this issue where i need different amounts for different products where the formula can’t differentiate between the two but for now it is not an issue (for such sales i will create another entry). My immediate solution is the one you recommended which i;ll try to fix not.

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It worked like a charm :).

Only thing left to fix in the future is the second issue but i will fix that sometime in the future.

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