Multiline When Printed


Is it possible to format text in a cell (by adding a newline chr say) so that it has multiple lines when printed?


If you use the Long Text field, you should be able to write multiple lines with Enter, and then print it correcty.


I was thinking more of where the field has multiple links. Say we have a
product/item list for a shop. Some items might be made up of multiple
other items. Those items are pulled from another table via a link. They
show up like labels in a row, but it would be much easier to read them off
if they were on separate rows.


You have something like this?

You can then print this, for instance:

Is this does not helps, please explain deeper the base structure and what you want to achieve.


Yes, exactly, but when I try to print it it looks like this:


How do you do that? :thinking:


Looks like Jon is printing the grid view, Elias is printing the detail view of a single record :slight_smile:


OK, how do you print a detail view of a single record?


Expand the record, then click the record name at the top to open the menu and click “Print Record”.


Ahh, sneaky hidden functionality :wink:

Great, thanks!