Multiple conditions in Formula not working


I want to do a select on my records according two conditions :

  • Find in “Resource title” field a text
  • Find in “Format” field an exact text

For both conditions, I want them to be case nonsensitive because some text are written in caps, other not.
So, at the moment, I’ve this :

filterByFormula=AND(FIND("some text",{Resource title}),(FIND("Video",{Format}")))

And I’m getting the INVALID_FILTER_BY_FORMULA error message .
So, what I’m doing wrong ? Is it possible to have the nonsensitive case research ?


Try this for a case-insensitive search:
AND(FIND(“some text”,LOWER({Resource Title})),(FIND(“video”,LOWER({Format}))))

This may be why you were getting the error:

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