Multiple date records

I’m a happy new user! I’ve built a simple table to record Name, location and type of an object and want to record various conditions across inspection dates. I see how to record the conditions I want and how to enter a date in fields but I want to have an ongoing set of records for each item. There will be around 50 items. How can I do this without making a table for each item? (In my mind it looks like a portion of the table will be 3 dimensional)

If I could just have a button that copies the field to a new line in another table, that would work.

You have a couple of options, but what I would do is create at least two tables. One called [Items], and one called [Inspections].

Use a linked record field to link each record on the [Inspection] table to an {Item} on the [Items] table.

Here’s a sample base to demonstrate what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Hope this helps to get you started!


That is really helpful, thanks!

The more I look at your example, the more I like the little details!! Cheers! May I ask how to bring the condition listed on the most recent inspection over to the Items table?

:slight_smile: So happy you’ve found it helpful! I modified the base at the same link to include the most recent condition - let me know if you have any questions about how it works!

Very kind of you, thanks again!!

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