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Hi…I am creating a base to manage groups coming to a hotel including blocks for bids, contracts, and invoicing. I am trying to figure out the best way to organize my table to have multiple room type data (room type, number of rooms, rate) for one group tour. Right now, I have 3 records duplicated where the only thing that is different are those three elements. That just seems inefficient. What are your suggestions on how to organize this information. Thank you!!!

Hi Emily,

Is there any other data common between those records other than the name of the company? If not, then I see no better way than having 3 separate records. However, I would use the Group By to have those records in one easy to see view.

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Hi Mo…Thank you! Here is a screenshot. The only thing that is different between the 3 duplicated entries are the room type, # of rooms allocated, and the $. Everything else is the same. I was thinking that I could have a field with multiple entries but the rate and # of rooms allocated are specific to that room type so that wouldn’t work. If I could collapse the 3 so visually there was one entry, that would help as well. Thanks.

OK…I guess that I can’t attach so I sent the screenshot to your email provided on the other post.
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Hi @Emily_Cooley,

The screenshots were not attached to the email (replied to your email).


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