Multiple Excel file import

We are looking to import a large Excel dataset into AirTable, ~500 multi-sheet xlsx files, as individual Bases. The Add a Base > Import data > Excel file selector has a limit for 1 file. Is there a means of creating multiple Bases off of a bulk upload process?

Hi @Matthew_McPherson, and welcome to the community!z

No. There is no known way to programmatically create bases through automation processes.

But it’s probably worth asking - what data model requirement swayed you to believe that fragmenting all that data into separate unsearchable, and largely uncommunicative databases was a good idea?

Thanks for confirming.
The data is not representing a database, it is a direct migration of a file set with no managed relationship between the files

The lack of relationships is not always a good reason against unifying the data in a common management model. Why not aggregate and take advantage of the ability to treat them as logical file sets while enjoying the information management aspects at scale?

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