Multiple forms one table


I want to have a form for each social network I advertise on and for the source to be pre-populated in one column of the grid. This way I can track the source of our leads and not have use more than one table? Any suggestions to get this done or another way to approach what I am trying to do?



Hi all, just bumping this up. I have a really simple scenario where I would like two forms to feed into one table.

The support article “Combining multiple tables into one table with multiple views” seems to suggest that this is possible:

“Form responses can feed into one table, then get assigned to the right place by simply changing a field (rather than copying and pasting responses from one table to another).”

But the instructions don’t actually include information about how it works unless I’m missing something very basic. Any thoughts?



You Forms belong to the same Table? If not, why can’t you merge those 2 tables?