Multiple forms updating client profile -> webmerge to documents: Is Airtable a good choice?


I am trying to create a simple application that does two main things:

  1. It allows for the creation of a profile record for a person, with about 100 fields. That profile needs to be updatable using a variety of different forms, depending on who is updating the record. For example, the record will be created when the person fills out their initial intake form, with about 20 fields. Later, different people will use different forms to look at, update, modify, and add new values to other fields in the users record. The forms should be reasonably usable but don’t have to be beautiful, but they must be pre-populated with any existing fields.

  2. Once the data is ready, we need to have a way to trigger a webmerge to a document output. Currently this is done in webmerge/formstack and the actual document part of this is working well. So, it might be enough to just integrate Airtable to webmerge/formstack and leave that part alone.

It might also be ok to use something like JotForm for the forms, but then we are essentially just using Airtable as a datastore and could probably just use gsheets.

I would really be interested in any thoughts about whether AirTable is a good fit for this or any other advice.


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