Multiple IF formulas in one field


Currently, I have 3-columns

  • Due date (date field)
  • Overdue (formula)
    IF(IS_BEFORE({Due Date},TODAY()),β€œ:rotating_light: OVERDUE :rotating_light:”,"")
  • Due Now (formula)
    IF(IS_SAME({Due Date},TODAY()),β€œ:gift: NOW :gift:”,"")

I would love to see both results/formulas in the OVERDUE column. Then it is not necessary for both columns. That said, I am not finding the right way of merging these two formulas in one field/column.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you

IF() statements have three clauses: condition, value if true, value if false.

Your first formula’s value if false is "". Replace it with the entirety of your second formula.

Thank you so much; it worked.

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