Multiple lookup columns to same table creating duplicates

Hey everyone, I’m hoping someone here can help. I’m a real estate agent trying to build a database to track my transactions.

I have a table called “People” which includes different categories of people such as clients, agents, escrow officers, vendors, etc. In this table I have a different “View” filtered for each category.

I have a table called “Properties” which includes all the info for each property.

I have a table called “transactions” that includes the transaction details including lookup columns for “Clients”, “agents”, “escrow officers”, etc. Each of these lookup columns is searching the same “People” table but is limiting the search to the specific “View” for that category.

In my “People” table, I have columns for “Name”, “Phone”, “Email”, and a column of linked “transactions”

Here’s the problem… inside the “People” table, AirTable keeps creating multiple “Transaction” columns for each different category of person. I don’t want 4-5 different columns of “Transactions”, I only need 1.

Please help. Thank you.

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