Multiple Page Document in Page Designer

+1. I’m quite surprised that this issue with Page Designer still hasn’t been addressed more than 2.5 years after this post. It seems like a real limitation with the App and something relatively easy for Airtable to fix.


@Jason, I tagged you as you appear to post in the announcement area. Is there anyone at Airtable that can address this thread? Page Designer is currently one of Airtable’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Thank you!


I have started to use Airtable 1 hour ago for the first time. I was excited until I came up here LOL.


Airtable devs, we will keep screaming for multi-page in Page Designer until you RESPOND!


I don’t think they will respond unless people to threaten to leave Airtable or actually do leave because of this. I spent weeks setting up Airtable, learning it, and integrating it into our company. It never even occurred to me that page designer would be this limited. That’s on me for not investigating more. But it doesn’t matter, this may not be the solution for us and we are going to look elsewhere and cancel unless Page Designer is updated or we find an alternative solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like Docupilot or Formstack. We’re currently looking at Kintone, Smartsheet, and a few others.

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Yep, it can get extremely pricey to use Airtable if you need to generate custom documents and/or automate the creation of documents such as PDF files, Word documents, custom JPG images, custom PNG images, QR Codes, barcodes, etc.

If you need custom designable & printable layouts, you will likely need to move beyond the “spreadsheet apps“ that you’re looking at (of which Airtable is one), and upgrade to a genuine database platform like Apple’s FileMaker.

p.s. I am both a professional Airtable consultant and a Certified FileMaker Developer. If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert to help you with any of it, please feel free to contact me through my website at

+1 for this, there must be some way to print more than 1 page :smiley:

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any updates on this???

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Just a thought here, when “Printing” a Page, you can set the height to be printed for each page.

For example, you can set your Page Designer page to be 4000 px tall (a very long single page).
But when printing, you can set the page height to be 1000px per page, resulting in 4 pages in the final PDF.

Using this technique, you can measure out your blocks to fit into the appropriate page breaks.


This is the solution. It would be nice if it were automatic, but this works and once set up will provide simple functionality. I would add that I’m having trouble printing from Safari for some reason. I get blank documents, in addition to a variety of unpredictable results that vary according to which Page Designer document I’m trying to print. I thought it was Page Designer, but it’s Safari. Chrome prints just fine and will work well with the process you outlined here.

I’ve been needing improvements to Page Designer for the past forever. I don’t understand why Airtable don’t keep adding new features to it, or if there’s too much legacy tied into it, create a new app called Document Designer.

Importantly, whatever Airtable release, it must have dynamic record/list/view placement, so that the output document dynamically and automatically grows with the number of records/views. And just as importantly, it must support both the Group and Filter features.

It’s so frustrating having to look for a solution for this issue, considering the amount of other users also needing this.


Hey all,

We have created Cumulo Docs which is capable of rendering

  1. Multiple pages
  2. Multiple records
  3. Has API Support
  4. Works with free accounts

Here’s are some samples:

Here’s our Show and Tell link - Cumulo Docs - Create beautiful PDFs, Visually .

Do check it out :pray:


Multiple Pages without printer format adjustment would be excellent. Thanks, Airtable Team!

I am also looking to print multiple child records for a header record that are more than can fit on one page. If anyone finds a solution, please post it to the thread. For now, it looks like it is simply not something that Airtable supports.

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How has this not been addressed since 2018 is this ever going to get looked at?

You can try the On2Air Google Docs integration.

It automatically generates a Google Docs file based on your Airtable data. You can use our template approach to expand it to the size you need.

You can try it out here -

Start a Trial

Haha Typical Airtable : feature requested by a very large amount of people since… forever and nothing has been done.

Airtable ! Please get a team on this !!! WE NEEDS IT PRECIOUS !


@Airtable_Administrat I feel like being able to print multiple pages would be a very useful feature especially since this issue is already going on since 2018, this is really urgent, for me since we are trying to use this option to have everything under one roof.

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+1 This would def be a game changer!

Airtable stated that they are working on Page Designer 2.0 at the DareTable conference last weekend. No promises of specific features and no timeline, but they are definitely working on a new version.

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