Multiple Page Document in Page Designer

The following worked for me:

Set the page up as a custom page - I used dimensions 901 x 2500.


And then when you print do these settings - most important is you select Record Layout as “In a list”.

Any records that go over multiple pages will print across more than 1 page.

(The only annoying thing with this method is the printer adds blank pages in between the records for some reason - so a 20 page document ends up using 35 pages or something. But at least you can remove those blank pages and end up with what you want.)

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Multi-page feature very much needed! I hope Airtable will develop soon. We wish to print 10-25 page reports (variable per customer, based on 2,250 records in lookup fields). Single page not useful for our needs, and as we print hundreds per week, a work-around with multiple steps is not feasible. Maybe add a new block so people can choose between single-page forms vs multi-page reports.


Wow, I cannot believe there is no response inside this thread from product development in over 18months! You folks are usually so responsive! +1 for multi-page functionality. I am already on the cusp of printing invoices from work order records. I don’t have current need but I can see it on the horizon.


+1 for this feature!

Our team has created a few different documents through page designer but they’re all not currently being used as we haven’t found an easy work around to getting things formatted properly across multiple pages.

The fields can either have a lot or a little information, so if we set things statically on the page design, there can either end up being not enough space, or too much white space. It would be nice if the page designer could automatically re-format to be more or less pages as the data is pulled in from the table.

We’ve thought about creating a separate page designer block for every page of the documents we’d be creating, but at that point its just easier to copy-paste some of the data into a google doc…

Ideally we would be able to view and edit multiple pages with in one page designer block.

Any update from AirTable support would be greatly appreciated!!


For the amount of money they charge (per user) having half baked features like this is a bit of a let-down.


Is there a way to move a block of text boxes in page designer like in word?

Create the boilerplate pages as Airtable records in your rental contracts. Add 2 fields to the table: a Checkbox called “Print” and a long text field called “Boilerplate”. Copy/Paste the boilerplate for each page into the “Boilerplate” field on 4 new records. MAke sure “Print” is checked. On your Page block drag the “Boilerplate” field onto your page. Maket as big as needed. set the font size, etc. This filed can cover all of your other fields if needed. Make sure the “Boilerplate” field is set to be transparent. Also make sure there is no information in the 4 boilerplate records in the other fields that print for your page 1 contract.

You can add a number field for Page Number. Set it to default to “1”. that way all of your new contracts will always be page 1. Number the other pages as needed. Filter your records to the Print check box. You should always have 5. Uncheck any extras that show up and they’ll leave the list. Print all records from the page block.

It takes much longer to describe the process than to actually do it!
Good Luck!

+1 for multiple pages please


+1 also for multipage in page designer.
but we could also use better formatting of the print record function. the ability to add a logo and some sort of title + subtotal by page and a correct pagination. This would enable to extract professional reports from airtable.

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April 17, 2020

Responsive, Multi-Page Designer please. Each candidate record has a lot of variable data. In some cases I have huge blank spaces so that text doesn’t overlap with records with lots of data in them.

It would be much appreciated!



+1 million! Please have multi-page please! We spent so much time on this already. It will be a nightmare for us If it cannot have multi-page function.


+1 Multi page would be a life saver.

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+1 from me too. Multiple pages and fields that can grow are essential to make Page Designer truly useful.

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If you create an invoice, be sure to limit the number of line items… unless it won’t work.
Sometimes Airtable can be very disapointing.

Formstack Documents lets you create multiple-page documents (PDF files or Word files), and you can communicate with it via the Formstack Documents Block.

Now granted, Formstack Documents is pretty expensive, although they’ve lowered their prices recently. It used to cost $100 per month for only 10 documents, but now it’s $32 per month for 30 documents.

For a cheaper but less integrated option, you could use DocuPilot along with this extension: PDF and Document Generator for Airtable.

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So far as I can tell Formstack integration supports creating a document from a single record.
I think I’m going to have to .csv download my table and find an alternative for document generation that doesn’t create lots of whitespace or cut off the records.

I have been using Airtable on a free plan for work and personal projects, for about 18 months and it’s brilliant for creating and managing content.

I have been considering upgrading from the free plan to get access to Blocks, primarily Page Designer. I have delayed doing so because I can’t find enough info on how it actually works.

I would want to use it for multi-page documents (think of something like a recipe book), which would typically have one page per row. I would also want to create single page documents with extensive control over the layout.

From what I can see here, Page Designer doesn’t come close to being able to do either of these, so it doesn’t make sense for me to upgrade.

Maybe my expectations are too high, but my work is equal part creating and managing content, and presenting it visually, so while Airtable really ticks the box on the content part, I am struggling to find a solution for the presentation.

Disappointed in this limited functionality to say the least.

Come on @Airtable, we need multi-page paper space per entry in the Page Designer block.

+1000 for this. There are not that many documents/reports that fit on one page.

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I’m a big fan of Airtable. The big convenience is to have EVERYTHING in one place. If we have te go back 'n forward with other apps and programs. It’s basicly the same as spreadsheets… I’m actually baffled this simple multiple page option isn’t a thing yet.