Multiple Page Document in Page Designer

If you create an invoice, be sure to limit the number of line items… unless it won’t work.
Sometimes Airtable can be very disapointing.


Formstack Documents lets you create multiple-page documents (PDF files or Word files), and you can communicate with it via the Formstack Documents Block.

Now granted, Formstack Documents is pretty expensive, although they’ve lowered their prices recently. It used to cost $100 per month for only 10 documents, but now it’s $32 per month for 30 documents.

For a cheaper but less integrated option, you could use DocuPilot along with this extension: PDF and Document Generator for Airtable.


So far as I can tell Formstack integration supports creating a document from a single record.
I think I’m going to have to .csv download my table and find an alternative for document generation that doesn’t create lots of whitespace or cut off the records.

I have been using Airtable on a free plan for work and personal projects, for about 18 months and it’s brilliant for creating and managing content.

I have been considering upgrading from the free plan to get access to Blocks, primarily Page Designer. I have delayed doing so because I can’t find enough info on how it actually works.

I would want to use it for multi-page documents (think of something like a recipe book), which would typically have one page per row. I would also want to create single page documents with extensive control over the layout.

From what I can see here, Page Designer doesn’t come close to being able to do either of these, so it doesn’t make sense for me to upgrade.

Maybe my expectations are too high, but my work is equal part creating and managing content, and presenting it visually, so while Airtable really ticks the box on the content part, I am struggling to find a solution for the presentation.

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Disappointed in this limited functionality to say the least.

Come on @Airtable, we need multi-page paper space per entry in the Page Designer block.

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+1000 for this. There are not that many documents/reports that fit on one page.


I’m a big fan of Airtable. The big convenience is to have EVERYTHING in one place. If we have te go back 'n forward with other apps and programs. It’s basicly the same as spreadsheets… I’m actually baffled this simple multiple page option isn’t a thing yet.


Hey AIRTABLE!!! How about a little community feedback to confirm this is on the radar and (hopefully) where it is in the pipeline?!?


@David_Meyers, I think it’s a safe bet this is not on the plan for the very near future. Airtable has been focused on big improvements: Scripting Block, Custom Blocks, and Automations.

I think the real question is how long until someone builds an open-source custom block to outperform the current Page Designer.


$100/month to replicate notepad is not very impressive to me at all.

The greatest thing that could happen is that the SaaS craze dies out and people start to create actual value again.

You can design business cards!! Ya know, like you never would ever do in Airtable

It’s the single biggest shortcoming to the entire platform. Keeping huge amounts of data all linked together is amazing, but Airtable is virtually impossible to export outside of the native environment.

Replicating thousands of records that should just be printable is sort of a MVP thing in my mind, like what’s the point of using the program if I can’t generate output, we already had excel and I didn’t have to pay/month for that.

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If you are looking for a one page per row solution, then the page designer is probably perfect for you. You would design the page for an individual recipie. Then you can print all of the records in a specific view. One record per page.

The major failing of the page designer block is desiring multi-page PDFs for a single record.

In fact, my biggest issue is that the page designer block lacks the ability to change the page length based on the length of the record’s content. I have some short records and some very long ones.

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Thanks @Paul_Warren. My main requirement is actually to be able to create single page documents, combining multiple rows of data. An example would be a project plan, a weekly meal planner, or a travel itinerary.

My hack at the moment is to export the table as a CSV, and dumping it into something like Miro or Sketch to do the visual design. Every time the data changes I have to do that again which is a giant nuisance.

Any suggestions for a better solution / workflow would be great.

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Here are a couple of videos on the page designer block that I think will help you. I believe this could work for you, but it would depend on how nice it needs to look. Currently there is very limited control of the display of linked records:

Thanks Scott. I’ll look into Docupilot. I’d be converting from my weak local currency to USD so Formstack isn’t an option.

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@Lynnsey_Schneider You’re welcome! :slight_smile: DocuPilot also works with Integromat or Zapier for communication with Airtable, and Integromat would be my preference because it is cheaper and more powerful than Zapier.

+1 for this feature ASAP, please!


For a more advanced layout, you could always try to get something custom developed by talking to the API, or use the ‘Scripting’ block.

The Scripting block has a print button, but you can ‘print to pdf’ if a pdf is what you want. This works fine for reports, overviews,… you need to generate ad hoc.

I also needed to have reports sent by email every weekday/week. Did this by having an external script talk to the API, which is fairly well documented. If you have a bit of software dev knowledge, or now someone who does, then this is something you can do in days rather than weeks.

I have to admit I was rather underwhelmed by the Page Designer too.

I think Multiple Page is a must have for Page Designer and Airtable.