Multiple Page Document in Page Designer

Please need it so much :frowning:


Same issue as many of you. I have records that some are large and the table Airtable formats are too big. I could probably fit all my lists on the page if I could format the table smaller, otherwise, I too need multi-page documents.

This would be very useful

This was a great idea but the problem I am facing is with the resolution of the attachment. The attachment is a PDF and when I add it and increase it’s size to fit the “extra” page it gets blurry. Any thoughts on how to avoid this problem?

Depends on the source and format of the PDF. If the PDF is merely a carrier medium for scanned images — like the redacted Mueller Report — you’re pretty much at the mercy of whoever created the PDF—

— actually, you’re pretty much at the mercy of whoever created the PDF, regardless. If that person is you, check your settings for PDF generation and increase the resolution of the finished PDF. If the PDF is largely text- rather than image-based and editable, you might be able to open it with Acrobat or some other PDF editor and resave it at a higher res. Both LibreOffice and WPS Office Suite are free packages offering such functionality, although I have little experience with that feature on either. (I use LibreOffice for most writing, spreadsheet, and presentation work, but I find I’m turning more and more to WPS for presentations and, especially, animation for video.)

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Thanks! But that might not work for my use case as I am receiving the PDF from customers as a form input so sadly I am at their mercy. These PDFs are resumes and are largely text converted to pdf.

+1 for this feature. Using current workaround of setting custom page size but then printing letter.

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+1 here. I created 3 dynamic pages to combine with 3 other static pages then merge all into 1 pdf file. However, the pages created with Word and Page Designer always come out different sizes when converted to pdf even if I set them to the same page size in printing or in the document settings. Please add multiple pages capabilities for Page Designer. Thank you.


I have an application which can have several hundred line items in a table, each consisting of up to 10 columns.

I have a Table View which shows all the data I wish to publish - is it not possible to create an element in Page Designer which automatically presents that table with all the line items visible in the sort and grouping order selected in the table view?

The issues I have with Page Designer at present are:

  • no way to adjust the size of columns - this is happening automatically and is not always how I want it
  • time consuming adding in all the columns and getting them in the correct order when this has already been done in the Table View.
  • I have to add every line item one by one - which is time consuming for hundreds of items. Could there be a feature to add all items?
  • The Table element in Page Designer needs to flow across multiple pages and automatically repeat column headings on each page, as well as have header and footer functionality.

Looking forward to seeing these features becoming available. :smiley:


I just signed up. Are there any instructions? I cannot seem to find how to start.

These two items would provide much more flexibility.

  1. Multipage lists. This solves data rows that exceed what can be printed on a a single page. Examples include 100 or 10,000 inventory items.

  2. Ability to ingest one page into another page designer, with the primary page feeding a datasource to the nested page. Then a single page(block?) could be reused in many places (imagine a product card, used in many other pages).

Thank you for your consideration.


+1 for this feature. I’m kind of surprised that it doesn’t already have this functionality. It would be incredibly useful!


You know you can just have multiple page design blocks for multiple pages right?

I use it for construction budgets and contracts so the number of line items always changes per project but I layout my page designer like this:
Block 1 - Invoice header with project name, customer details and my company details
add “look up” column element that is linked to my budgets to pull in all of the line items (usually never fits all on one sheet so I see where it got cut off at and continue that on the next block)
Block 2 - “look up” column for budgets continued
Block 3 - Invoice footer with terms and conditions.

Yes this is still a multi-step solution but it is all contained in airtable so there is no need to be exporting and importing into different workflows!

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I’ve considered this solution but it would still mean PDF’ing 3 different blocks and then having to merge them somehow.

We have to do this for 100 students a month - I can’t imagine someone doing that.

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I had this issue too - ended up making a ‘custom’ sized form (doubled the length) and then formatted accordingly. When you print - print as 8.5x11 and its a two page form now.

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This is basic. Needs to be at the front of Dev list. HUGE limiter to airtable.


+1 for multiple pages, based on the length of the data. May be even with different first page options. Need to flow as long as there’s data.


+1 - PLEASE! Would really really love this feature. Workarounds will not work for us.


There should be another version of page builder called “responsive page builder” which allows you to drag items to structured columns and rows. This set up would adapts to the page size and elements around it similar to a designing a web page.

The current page builder is fixed and stagnant when it comes to element positions, making it difficult to use when it comes to having data pulling in from a table as that can stretch the page if lots of data is listed.


I believe you can choose to shrink the text to fit.