Multiple Record Entry Forms


I would dearly love it if the forms could be made to enter more than one record at a time. For instance I want to create several records, each relating to parts that are used to create a product. The parts already exist in a table, all I need to do is select them in a form. But having to submit the form for each entry is time-consuming and tedious. I’d like the opportunity to add rows/records (a little + sign after the field) in a form).

Form - edit multiple tables
Use Form to Populate Multiple Tables

I’d like to see this feature too.


I am also looking for this feature.


i too am looking for this feature


Count me in on this bandwagon. Feels like a great feature that would get use immediately.


I have requested this as well. It should look like a small grid view that they can enter info in and then hit submit. We are a signage company and deal with clients that will submit more than 1200 individual orders for an event. When one department head has to enter in 50 signs at once, you can imagine the form just does not work so we don’t even use it. Great for surveys or one time use responses, but not a solution for requests that require more than like 5 entries.


I am new to Airtable and hopefully am adding this post to the right location. I, too, am looking for a way to add multiple records on one form rather than having to submit one form per record I want to add. Anyone know if this is possible or any creative workarounds? The real life scenario is that I want the form user to be able to look up an item [where items would already be listed in a column in the base and/or table] enter quantity [also a column] of that item in a separate field, then be able to repeat same functionality (aka lookup item & enter quantity) multiple times up to at least 20 items then submit form and you get 20 rows created all at once, for example.