Multiple records from different columns

Hello Airtable Community,

I have three table:

  • In table A is the column Fruits.
  • In table B there is the column Vegetables.
  • In table C I need to create a column called Fruits and vegetables, and that allows me to select records from Table A, column Fruits, and from Table B, Column Vegetables.

That is to say: I need a column C to call me the records of the Fruit column (found in table A) and the Vegetable column (found in table B).

I know how to link tables and do look-ups, but I don’t know how to integrate in the same column different records from different columns in different tables.

I appreciate your help.

That is not possible.

You would need to combine fruits & vegetables into the exact same table, called something like “Produce”.

For your own sorting & filtering purposes, you could create a “Category” field in your Produce table where you select either “Fruit” or “Vegetable”.

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Thank you @ScottWorld, I ended up changing the logic of everything on my bases. :slight_smile:

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