Multiple records in Page Designer Block

Can the Page Designer Block be used to create lists to include more than one record?

Welcome to the community, @Kent_Embree! :smiley: Yes, but the primary way this is done is by using a field in one record to link to multiple records in another table. It’s those other records that become the list when you set it up properly in Page Designer. As I and others have mentioned in other threads, the name “Page Designer” is a tad misleading. A more accurate name would be “Record Designer,” as it really only allows you to design the look of a single record and whatever is linked to that record.


If you just want to print several records at the same time, you can do that:


Thank you for the replies and solutions. It seems to me the option I would choose would depend on how I want the overall layout to look and whether or not I need some extra frills to identify the layout as a report, like a header, titling, etc. Thank you for your help!

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