Multiple Records on same page with Page designer block?

Trying to make a printer-friendly report from a Gallery view that I made.

Can’t figure out how to get all records from one table on the same page.

Any suggestions? Or is there another block that can do this?

This is really a 4-step process, and you can’t actually see the results until you actually go to print. (Although if you’re on the Mac, you can choose to preview/save a PDF file right from your print dialog box.)

The key takeaway here is that there is a difference between the record size and the paper size. If you’re doing non-standard record sizes, you might have to do some math to figure out how to squeeze X number of records into Y paper size.

These are the basic steps:

  1. When you go to your Page Designer settings, choose the size dimensions for one record only, and this size should be smaller than your paper size. So, for example, if you want to print a sheet of business cards, just choose 2"x3.5" as the record size. Also, choose whether you want portrait or landscape for each record. See screenshot below:

  1. Once you start designing your layout, remember that you are designing for one record only.

  2. Then, click on the Print icon in the upper right corner of the Page Designer block, and an Airtable Print Window will come up. This is where you can choose your paper size. You can also choose if you want to print all the records in a view, or just a single record. In your case, you will want to print all the records in a view. Then, you can choose whether each record should print as a grid or as a vertical list to fill up each page. You can also choose portrait or landscape orientation of your paper. See screenshot below:

  1. Now here’s the final trick that many people miss: Click on the blue Print button in Airtable’s Print Window, which will then hand you off to your operating system’s print dialog box. And here’s the trick: Within your operating system’s print dialog box, you must set your paper size, paper orientation, and page margins to MATCH what you just selected a moment ago in Airtable’s Print Window. So, for example, if you chose “Landscape” in Airtable’s Print Window, then you must also choose “Landscape” in your operating system’s print dialog box.

And if you’re on the Mac, you can Preview/Save a PDF file right from the print dialog box.

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