Multiple Select - Select multiple times


Hi all,
Working on a “Price Estimate” builder that uses records to build a pdf.
One of the things I need to add is “extra’s” for example if a client would need certain upgrades.
I’ll use the example of a LED bar that is added to an order as an upgrade.

I currently make a multiple select field that references to another base that holds all options.
Problem here is that a client can choose to have 2 LED bars instead of just one.
At this point, I can only add the LED bar once, as it is a multiple select.
How would I be able to solve this problem?

Looking forward to your insights!


You need a junction Table to have Line Items.


Hi Elias,

Thanks for your fast answer!
I did in fact make a junction table for this issue.
The problem I’m facing at this point is adding certain products twice.
Imagine the following a table containing all products.
The table containing the order lines then shows all products that are used in one order.
However I want to add a certain product twice, instead of just once.
How does that work then?


You could add a “quantity” field so users can identify how many LED bars they require. Now your problem becomes “what if the customer needs an LED bar and an LED bulb?” I’m not sure how to then handle this with Airtable alone.

I use Cognito Forms and Integromat to have multi-entry forms, which in your case would allow you to create multiple order line items from one form submission (2 LED bars, 3 LED bulbs, 1 light shade, etc).


The Product Catalog and Orders base in Airtable Templates offers an example of how to handle multiples of an item.

In my own designs, I often define separate {Amount} and {Multiplier} fields. {Amount} is used if the customer orders more than one of anything; {Multiplier} is a formula field with the formula IF({Amount},{Amount},1). I then display {Multiplier} on the printed invoice, and I use {Multiplier}*{UnitPrice} to arrive at the total price for that line item.