Multiple select - truetruefalsefalse - how to replace these values?

Hey there guys. Im completly new to Airtable and having some difficulties integrating Airtable to my website forms.

So these are the values on the website: I need these values to the Airtable aswell

Right now I got: truefalsetruefalse. Is there a way to change these?

Welcome to the community, @Spix_dsa!

You didn’t say what form software you’re using, but your #1 easiest solution would be to create an Airtable form and then embed it on your website.

Airtable’s support website has documentation on creating forms, and I cover forms extensively in my free Airtable training course.

If, for some reason, you’re stuck using whatever form software you’re currently using, then you will likely need to use some sort of integration software like to get the proper values from your form into Airtable. That can take quite a bit of skill & time, so I would recommend trying to first go down the easy path of using Airtable’s forms.

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