Mutually link referral fields

Hi All,

On a Contacts table, I want to input one contact in my ‘Referred By’ field, and have the ‘Referred To’ magically linked.

For example:

I input that Bianca was referred by Peter.
Peter’s ‘Referral To’ field is magically updated with ‘Bianca’.

Thanks in advance! I had a screenshot, unable to share in a post for some reason.

Hi @Hustle_Crew,

Welcome to Airtable Community ! :smiley:

As a new member, you cannot post images or URLs. You need to read some topics first in order to do so.

As for your questions, if both are in the same table, you can check out this Topic which shows a script that can do so.

If both were in different tables, it would have been done automatically.


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