My Automation wont turn on even though test works

I have an automation that won’t turn on despite working correctly the last few days. It’s set to create a record when a row is added to a google sheet. Both the trigger and action pass their test, yet the automation won’t turn on. What could I possibly be missing?


Welcome to the community, @Alex_Doucette! :smiley: Try restarting your browser (or the desktop app if that’s what you’re using). Sometimes Airtable flakes out in tiny ways, and a refresh can sometimes fix it. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll need to contact Airtable support directly.

@Justin_Barrett Thanks. I restarted and unfortunately nothing changed. I’ve also tried recreating the automation several times with no change. I sent a loom to support so hopefully they have some insight


I am having the same problem @Alex_Doucette

I am experiencing the same issue! Same on several different browsers.

Double-check that something didn’t change that affects the trigger step. I had something similar occur recently, and it turned out to be related to a change that I’d made to some field’s output, or maybe it was the name of a field (I forget which). Whatever it was, I couldn’t turn on the automation. Once I cleared out the settings of the trigger step and rebuilt it from scratch, it worked.

Yes, building upon what @Justin_Barrett just said, you may also need to re-test your trigger again, too, in order to get it to work.

Airtable will remember that the previous test “ran successfully” even if you change something about your trigger criteria that might make it now fail.

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