"My code": see all your custom Airtable apps in a single place

I have a lot of custom Airtable Apps.
This code base is spread accross multiple bases and tables.

To copy-paste or to update code, I have to open a base, open the Apps panel, scroll to the App, and edit the App. And that’s when I remember where the code I want to copy is. Most of the time, I end up browsing my entire list of custom apps until I find that one snippet that was doing the thing I need, or to make sure I have modified all of the apps that needed an update.

It would greatly speed up my working process if I could browse all of this code I wrote, from a single location.

Let’s call it “My code” or something

How about being able to sync your code with an external GitHub repo? That way, you get the benefits of central visibility AND version control (so that you can easily track changes to your code – again, something you can’t easily manage in Airtable’s native code editor).