My multiplication keeps giving an error


I am trying to figure out why I keep getting this error message:

The Impact Value is the average of the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability column. (Confidentiality+Integrity+Availability)/3

The Risk Value should be multiplying the Impact Value with the Likelihood Value. But I am getting an error message with this basic formula {Impact Value}*{Likelihood Value}

Please help.

Hi and welcome to the Airtable community :slight_smile:

The output of a single select is not a number but a string. So you have to convert that string to a number first which you do with Value({Likelihood Value}).



Amazing! This worked. Thank you so much!

That helped me, too. I’m trying to average scores from a survey, but my survey has 19 questions. Worse yet, my fields are more like “My position is a good fit for someone with my knowledge, skills, and personality.”

Do I need to apply the VALUE function to each field (question)? In the example above, would I need to apply VALUE({Confidentiality}) and VALUE({Integrity}) and VALUE ({Availability}) and so forth or is there a better way? Is there a Value version of Single Select?

I found the number field type, which might do the trick. Is there a way to limit number responses to within an acceptable range?

There is not a way to limit a number field to a range in a form. Is your maximum number is 10 or less, you could use a rating field, which can have a maximum value of 10 or less.

If you want to keep your answer fields as single select values with text values, you can use a SWITCH formula to convert the text to a number.

SWITCH( {singe select field name},
    "High", 5,
    "Medium", 3,
    "Low", 1

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