My published base is missing in the Airtable Universe

Hi - please help, bit confused. I published a base up into the Airtable Universe (and luckily saved the link for it). If I search the Airtable Universe, I can’t find it anywhere. Any idea what’s going on?

It’s a LinkedIn SSI Tracker (your Social Selling Index score on LinkedIn). The Universe base can be found here - but you cannot find / search for it via the Airtable Universe page. Any ideas? I’m presuming that nobody else can find / search for this?

Here’s the direct link (to prove I’m not going mad :slight_smile: ).

It is real…

but not searchable…

This is primarily a user forum, and we don’t have any way of looking into this. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reaching out to Airtable support.

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