MySql to Airtable Syncing Data

Wondering if anyone has managed to sync MySQL data into a Airtable base?

What we are basically trying to do is sync a SQL query data to Airtable - this is currently done manually multiple times a day and imported to Airtable base.

Has anyone done anything like this or are there any 3rd party solutions out there?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Ritz_Patel - if you want something simple you could use a script (something like python or ruby) that could access you database, get data from there and send to Airtable using the Airtable API.

You could also do this using Google Sheets script as the host - this link shows how to get data from a database using Google Script.

Python or Ruby scripts would need to be hosted somewhere - not a big deal, but something to be considered.

Beyond that thereโ€™s lots of commercial data integration solutions - Mulesoft, Talend, etc - but these might be overkill for a relatively small Airtable base.

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