Names of Colors in Airtable

Does anyone know the names of the colors in Airtable? Thank you.

Hi @Rachel_Passmore and welcome to the community!

I didn’t find any color information, but you can upload your image to and find out easily.

Thank you for the suggestion! After uploading, I received 5 numbers associated with 5 colors but not names…hmm.

Those are HEX values. Since there are exactly 16,777,216 possible hex color code combinations, no one has bothered to name them all. Feel free to start though. :wink: I think 64 of them have been named, so that’s a good start.

Thank you! I am trying to figure out the names of the 40 colors presented in Airtable – seems like if Airtable provides these colors to every user then they would have names associated with them?

I think you’re looking for this.

I got a response from Airtable Support with what I was looking for – thanks for your suggestions!

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Can you share that link here so others can access it too?

You’re welcome! You can drag and drop the 5 circles to the other colors to change the 5 that are selected. Good that you’ve gotten the names also.

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I did not receive a link, I only received an attachment. I attached it here again.

That document is a little helpful, but you can’t copy or search for color names or hex values from an image. [sigh]

The names of the colors in the attachment that @Rachel_Passmore shared match the names of the colors in the Custom Apps SDK that @Bill.French linked to. The Custom Apps SDK also provides the getRgbForColor or getHexForColor functions to get the numeric values.

I find it interesting that there are 5 flavors of each the ten color in the image and in the Custom Apps SDK. However, I see only 4 flavors of each of the ten colors when using the user interface.

Um, possible explained by an intentional compliance with a web-safe palette? Maybe?

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