Navigate between Airtable interfaces - How to generate dynamic record pickers?

Hello the Airtable Community!

I’m working on a series of Airtable interfaces to handle different aspects of projects. It’s a kind of top-down structure, with interfaces drilling down into linked records e.g. clients > projects > invoices.

The typical interfaces structure looks like this:

  • Client A (Interface I)
    – Project A (Interface II)
    — Invoice A (Interface III)
  • Client B (Interface I)
    – Project B (Interface II)
    — Invoice B (Interface III)

To navigate between interfaces in the same client / project context, I’m using record pickers.

At the moment, I manually pick the relevant record with the record picker and copy the URL parameters generated by Airtable back to my Airtable base. With such hardcoded URL parameters, I can repeatedly achieve the navigation flow that I’m eventually aiming for.

Is there a way to do this “properly” dynamic, with a native Airtable function (such as RECORD_ID()) or similar? Is there an existing documentation that I missed? Is it not yet possible and somewhere in the AT roadmap?

The record picker URL parameters that I’m using are in this format: PggT2=b%3AeyIwbZpEcyI2W1swOFsicmVjeXZQeEl1ZWJYSmg1ek4iERF1dfA.
It’s made of a first part unique per table: PggT2=b%3AeyIwbZpEcyI2W1swOFsicmVj and a variable part per record: eXZQeEl1ZWJYSmg1ek4iERF1dfA. So far I didn’t find the pattern to be able to generate it at scale…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Airtable!

I guess something is missing in my first post to get replies…

Is my post unclear ?
The answer obvious ? or announced on Airtable roadmap ?
Been answered before multiple times already ?

Any hint would be welcome , thanks!